The astronaut hour

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A silent astronaut and a 20-something insomniac walk into a diner. The two strangers find solace in french fries and a jukebox dance number. In the timeless 24-hour diner, a woman learns the antidote to loneliness isn't falling love, but in considering the loneliness of someone else, and maybe even trying on his space suit.

The Astronaut Hour is a short film I wrote and performed in. Anna Loyd Bradshaw directed, Allegra Levy wrote original music, and Tom Feeney and I choreographed my favorite dance ever. It was produced in collaboration with Blackbox Productions. Our DP was Charlotte Dupré. This 12-minute film is a work in progress. I learned so much from it. We shot in Greenpoint overnight for 12 sweaty, unforgettable hours.

scheiss book

by Liba Vaynberg, dir. by Leslie Gauthier

Scheiss Book, 2016

Scheiss Book, 2016

I’ve been proudly attached to Scheiss Book, a one-woman play in six parts, for the past three years. It started as a workshop at the Barrow Group, then went on to win Best One-Woman Show and Backstage’s Audience Choice Award at the United Solo Festival Off-Broadway in 2016. We’ve since performed it at Dixon Place and the Wild Project. We have our eyes on new venues in new countries…Edinburgh 2020?


Emily Tabachuk, Leslie Gauthier, Liba Vaynberg. Theatre Row, 2016

Emily Tabachuk, Leslie Gauthier, Liba Vaynberg. Theatre Row, 2016

Scheiss Book is always performed on the principle that all you need for good theatre is a good story, a chair and lighting. It’s a highly adaptable show somewhere between Hannah Gadsby’s “Nanette” and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag.” Comedy is my favorite thing to direct. Here’s a highlight reel from our first production.

23 Year Old Myth Poster.png

23-Year-Old Myth is a comedic, episodic play with music. Set in the “mercurial present," surreal and naturalistic scenes navigate a heartbreaking journey into adulthood. Part I takes place mostly in the pediatric wing of a cancer hospital, where the protagonist abruptly finds herself uprooted from her fun and easy lifestyle. Part II, almost entirely naturalistic, is the protagonist’s re-entry into the "real world.” Somewhere between these two extremes, she finds the voice she thought had been lost.

Music from 23-Year-Old Myth can be heard here.


23-Year-Old Myth was written when I was…23 ;) It was performed at the Dream-Up Festival at Theater for the New City in 2013 with original music by Leslie Gauthier, Will Dagger, Danielle Frimer and Emma March Barash. It was directed by Riley Teahan. It was stage managed by Emily Tabachuk.