Editing& pitching

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Do you need something edited or proofread? Need help with that article or blog post you’ve been dying to write, or essay you need for that application? After four years of editing TED transcripts, years in writing workshops and publications in the New York Times and Paste Magazine, I’m confident in my editing and pitching skills. I love reading other people’s work and have many creative ideas on where to publicize. I’m more than happy to proofread or otherwise consult, depending on what’s best for you. Other artists get an artist discount. Venmo payment is just fine.

Here I am on Fiverr.

Here’s an example of a New York Times Op-Ed I edited & proofread before submitting, written by Moshe Schulman.

Leslie’s attention to detail and skill with storytelling has been a huge help with my writing… from content structure to honing in on what the piece is truly about, Leslie is a gifted editor and can help shape your writing for publication.” -Moshe Schulman 

Here’s an example a photo essay I helped pitch to Teen Vogue, written by Hanna Wallis.

“Leslie’s expertise helped earn me much needed exposure for my writing! Even after earning a masters in journalism, I still lacked the savviness to draft effective pitches and have struggled to find outlets for my work. Pressed against a last-minute deadline, Leslie identified an editor at Teen Vogue and helped me write a concise, attention-grabbing pitch in under an hour. Without her support, I never would have made the connection. It helped advance my confidence and push my career forward. Now, I correspond with them frequently and continue to solicit her invaluable advice. She’s a great resource for anyone aspiring to find their place in this competitive and intimidating field!” -Hanna Wallis, journalist

Additional feedback:

“I reached out to Leslie to review and edit a personal essay of mine. Her feedback was crucial for getting it ready to be submitted for the opportunity I was applying to. All of her notes were constructive and I ended up taking them all due to the impact they had on my essay. After her revisions my piece was not only in great shape technically, but it was streamlined and effective in communicating the story I wanted to tell. I would highly recommend her services to anyone else who needs another pair of eyeballs on their work!” -Maddie Miegs, actress & activist

“As a writer and as a reader, Leslie has the ability to distill truth and meaning from the muddle. With her meticulous and compassionate eye, she had helped me discover what I truly wish to say and bring greater clarity and precision to my work.  Unfailingly, I trust Leslie to understand what I’ve tried to do and help me do it better! “-Aimee Maddalena, essay and memoirist

directing & Coaching

Here is my directing resume. Directing is how I came to New York in the first place. I majored in directing at Fordham, with Elizabeth Margid and Eliza Baldi as mentors. I’ve assisted Morgan Gould and Michael Goldfried. I learned from some amazing teachers: Tina Benko, Steven Skybell, Grace Zandarski, and would love to work with actors on their monologues or scenes. I’ve been directing Liba Vaynberg’s one-woman show, Scheiss Book, since 2016. We’ve brought it to Theatre Row, Dixon Place and The Wild Project.


I’ve previously lectured at NYU Tisch and spoken at the inaugural fundraiser for the non-profit, Fabulous & Fighting at the Puck Building in NYC. I would love to do more of this work. Topics include:


-Young Adult Cancer Survivorship

-The Affordable Care Act

-Healing & Travel

-Transforming heartbreak into creativity

-Creative lifestyles

-Love & courage in the face of mortality

“Leslie is a fantastic, dynamic speaker who knows how to captivate a room. Her public speaking style is authentic, moving and impactful, and Fabulous and Fighting was so fortunate to have her share her powerful story!" -Bethany Heinrich, MOGUL & Fabulous & Fighting Founder